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  Property name Street address Municipality Religion Year Images Protected Plaque
1 Central Westside United Church 310 10th Street West Owen Sound United Church 1910 Yes Yes Yes
2 St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 120 Murray Street Peterborough Presbyterian 1859 Yes No No
3 Paris Presbyterian Church 164 Grand River Street North Brant Presbyterian 1893 Yes No Yes
4 St. Paul's United Church 5 Queen Street North Aylmer United Church 1874 Yes No No
5 Knox Presbyterian Church 59 Riddell Street Woodstock Presbyterian 1896 Yes Yes No
6 The Mary Webb Cultural and Community Centre (formerly Highgate United Church) 87 Main Street West Chatham-Kent Non-religious 1918 Yes Yes No
7 Knox United Church 890 4th Avenue East Owen Sound United Church 1873 Yes Yes No

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