Pamela, Brockville

The St. Lawrence River has always been an integral part of the Brockville community. For the Fulford Family, who lived in town from the mid-nineteenth century onward and saw their fortunes skyrocket after 1890 because of investment in the "Pink Pills for Pale People", having the means the entertain guests on the river was part of their social cache. George Taylor Fulford purchased the steam-yacht "Magedoma" in 1904 for the cool price of $100,000. He and his family entertained many guests on the 138-foot yacht, running pleasure cruises through the beautiful 1000 Islands and along Lake Ontario to Toronto. In addition to being seen on the river with important guests, George recognized also that his house and grounds would be seen FROM the river and he took pains to ensure that his home would impress river-goers. He hoped to catch the eye of the right industrialist or politician in the area and to make new, profitable business connections thanks to great first impressions.

Watching modern-day boaters and large freight vessels go by from the back veranda, it is clear that the river continues to be a key social, leisure, and business link for the city and region.