Web resources

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Samuel de Champlain:

  • This website contains a comprehensive review of Champlain’s life, by Marcel Trudel, and a useful bibliography.

Étienne Brûlé:

  • This website contains a review of Brûlé’s life, by Olga Jurgens, and a limited but useful bibliography.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Samuel de Champlain:

  • This website contains a review of Champlain’s life, by Marcel Trudel, a number of links to other relevant web resources, and some useful images and maps.
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia website contains many relevant articles about the life and legacy of Samuel de Champlain. Visitors to the website can use the search function to find articles about points of interest from this online exhibit.  

Canadian Museum of History: Virtual Museum of New France: “Living in Canada in the Time of Champlain”

  • This comprehensive online exhibition details the explorations and experiences of Samuel de Champlain in New France. The website makes good use of images, maps and excerpts from Champlain’s own writings.

New France New Horizons: On French Soil in America

  • This comprehensive online exhibition details “the adventure of New France, from the first voyages of discovery, to the end of the French Regime.” The website contains numerous maps and images, as well as a comprehensive database of relevant archival fonds, located both in North America and France. The website is highly interactive, and audio clips accompany many of the images.

CBC News in Depth: Champlain Anniversary

  • Although focused mainly on New France, this website provides a window into the life and journeys of Samuel de Champlain. It contains a useful timeline and numerous images, and raises some interesting points for further analysis and discussion.

The Champlain Society Digital Collection

  • This website contains a searchable database of 101 of the Champlain Society’s volumes and enables visitors to access digitized and translated versions of Champlain’s own writings and illustrations. The website also enables visitors to create PDF versions of individual pages or illustrations.

Historica: Champlain in Acadia

  • This website is devoted to the celebration of Champlain’s arrival in Acadia in 1604 and contains useful biographical information, as well as links to other relevant websites. It raises important questions about the relationship between French explorers and First Nations and shares, through video links, the relevant perspectives of Margaret Conrad and Lorraine Gadoury. The website also contains an informative timeline.

Early Canadiana Online

  • This website, for which users must have a subscription, contains an extensive online collection of early Canadian print heritage. The database may be available at a local public library.

Virtual Museum of Canada: Regroupement des organismes du patrimoine franco-ontarien, “Champlain: Travels in the Canadian Francophonie”

  • This website provides a number of learning opportunities and activities, and a good historical overview of Champlain’s journeys in North America.

Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America

  • This website accompanies the PBS animated documentary Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America and presents information about the life and journeys of Samuel de Champlain. An “Educators” portal provides 12 lesson plans and an interactive map for use in the classroom.

La présence française en Ontario: 1610, passeport pour 2010

  • This website, which is in French, focuses on the French presence in Ontario through an exploration of key themes including occupation of the land, cultural and artistic life, societal structures and education. It was created in 2004 by Le Centre de recherche en civilisation canadienne-française (CRCCF) at the University of Ottawa.

L’Inventaire des lieux de mémoire de la Nouvelle-France

  • This website, which is in French, provides an inventory of sites on both sides of the Atlantic associated with the French presence in North America, including archaeological sites, buildings, and sites of relevant plaques and monuments. The search function allows visitors to locate sites relevant to Champlain, including places and routes of travel that have been named in his honour.

Government of Canada: The Maison Champlain in Brouage

  • This website provides information about the interpretation centre located at the Maison Champlain in Brouage, France, and outlines the components of its permanent exhibition.

Rare Book Room

  • Through a search by author, this website provides access to a digitized version of Les Voyages de la Nouvelle France, the text of which is in French, from the private library of Lee Keet.

Four Directions

  • This website provides important information about indigenous knowledge and philosophy from five First Nations in Canada. It can play a valuable role in promoting a better understanding of the perspectives and approaches of Aboriginal people at the time of contact with Europeans.

Gallica Digital Library

  • This website provides access to thousands of digital documents, books, maps, manuscripts, images and sound recordings. A search for “Samuel de Champlain” yields a number of different maps and images of interest.

French Ontario in the 17th and 18th Centuries

  • This online exhibit uses maps, photographs, paintings and textual documents to tell the story of the first two centuries that followed the first French explorations of Ontario in 1610.

Canadian-American Center, University of Maine

  • This section of the Canadian-American Center’s website contains information about an explanatory map – They Would Not Take Me There: People, Places, and Stories from Champlain’s Travels in Canada, 1603–1616 – recently produced by the center . The map draws on many different voices and stories to produce an account of Champlain’s explorations in Canada.