The founding of L'Orignal

A parcel of land along the Ottawa River granted to François Prévost in 1674 was the first seigneury* in what is now Ontario. Perhaps because of its remoteness, the area was not developed for settlement until the end of the 18th century. By 1825, however, a thriving village was in evidence on the Pointe à l'Orignac seigneury.

Named after the moose that were so plentiful in the area, L'Orignal was developed primarily by Nathaniel Treadwell, a land speculator from New York State who acquired the Pointe à l'Orignac seigneury in 1796.

  • Visit the plaque – At St-Jean Baptiste School, 35 Longueuil Street, L'Orignal.

Note: The seigneurial system was the primary form of land distribution in New France from 1627 to 1854. It was modelled on the feudal system in Europe. Learn more ...