Notable women

The story

“For me, Ontario is not only where I live, it’s where I studied, where I have had my career, and where I have the privilege of being elected to represent my fellow citizens.” Madeleine Meilleur as Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services


Women whose experiences and accomplishments help us better to understand the significance of Franco-Ontarian heritage and culture to the province


Notable experiences and achievements of francophone women in Ontario


17th century to the present


Throughout Ontario


To help us understand the perspectives and experiences of women in the history of the French experience in Ontario

From the first known female landholder in present-day Ontario to activists, artists and politicians, the French experience in the province has been greatly enriched and enlivened by the presence of a number of remarkable women. Their stories provide unique and important insights into Franco-Ontarian identity and culture.

Over time, the Trust will continue to feature new and engaging snapshots about francophone women who have made, or are continuing to make, a difference through their careers, creative endeavours, community activism and involvement, and more. Watch for more snapshots!