Residential schools

Residential schools were part of a systemic effort to rob Indigenous children of their culture, their ties to their communities and their families. These schools existed for over 100 years across Canada and were endured by generations of Indigenous children. Today, the Trust is committed to educating on residential schools and their legacy.


Introductory resources to learn about the history of residential schools in Canada:

The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation has a number of resources that lay out the most complete history of residential schools in Canada:

From the Trust’s newsletter, Heritage Matters … more!

  • October 2021 - Expanding the narrative: The question of commemoration
  • June 2021 - National Indigenous History Month

A national Indian Residential School Crisis Line has been set up to provide support for residential school survivors and others affected. People can access emotional and crisis referral services by calling the 24-hour national crisis line at 1-866-925-4419.