The project in context: Respectful, accurate and authentic conservation

Over the past several years, the Trust has made a concerted effort to share stories of all of the people of Ontario – providing a forum to look back over more than 10,000 years at the people who have called this province home. The Trust continues to re-define the narrative – to ensure that the heritage that we protect and the stories that we tell are a respectful, accurate and authentic portrayal of the peoples who have lived on and contributed to this land known as Ontario.

Property protection, through ownership or easement, is only one tool that the Trust uses to conserve the province’s heritage and tell its stories. Through Doors Open Ontario, we work with communities to explore the province’s fascinating cultural sites. Provincial plaques mark sites of significance and share our stories. Through museums, educational programs and publications, the Trust strives to expand the historical narrative (see Expanding the narrative). Through partnerships and the Trust's work in communities across the province, we will continue to contribute to an authentic and respectful dialogue to broaden the approach we take to the conservation of Ontario's heritage.