What is an easement?

The Ontario Heritage Trust holds over 200 easements on a variety of cultural and natural sites throughout Ontario – ranging from impressive public buildings such as Stratford City Hall to small architectural gems such as the octagonal Woodchester Villa in Bracebridge, and from historic battlefield sites to quiet marshes and peaceful forest trails.

And we're always acquiring more.

Perhaps you own a house that has unique architectural features or was once the home of an exceptional Ontarian, a woodlot where rare plants thrive or a property on which you have found interesting archaeological artifacts. Perhaps your community wants to preserve an historic inn or a unique heritage structure such as a bridge. Conservation easements ensure that these reminders of our collective cultural and natural heritage will be preserved for future generations and protected from demolition or unsympathetic alterations.

With an easement, the Trust offers you a truly unique way to preserve your property. An easement is a voluntary legal agreement between the heritage property owner and the Trust. It establishes mutually accepted conditions that will ensure the preservation of your heritage property in perpetuity. With the donation of a natural heritage conservation easement agreement, you may also benefit from income tax relief. But, more importantly, you are helping Ontario preserve a significant heritage property within your community – now and for future generations. And that provides great peace of mind in knowing that you are contributing to heritage preservation in the province of Ontario.