Agnes Campbell MacPhail 1890-1954

The first woman elected to the parliament of Canada was born on a nearby farm in Proton Township. In 1919, women had received the right to sit in the federal house, and in that year Agnes MacPhail joined the United Farmers of Ontario. Elected as a Progressive for Grey in 1921, she retained her seat until 1940. A strong and eloquent speaker, she always maintained her independence from party policies, and was concerned mainly with agricultural affairs, prison reform and the welfare of the aged. In 1942, she joined the provincial C.C.F. party and represented East York in the Ontario legislature 1943-45 and 1948-51.


At the entrance to Proton Community Park on Grey County Road 9 (Agnes Macphail Road), Hopeville - approximately 12 km north of Highway 89 in Proton Township

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Grey

Municipality: Township of Southgate