Ailsa Craig

The founding of this community coincided with the construction of the section of the Grand Trunk Railway line from St. Mary's to Point Edward, begun in 1858 and completed a year later. In 1861 David Craig and W.G. Shipley registered subdivisions and a post office was opened. Adopting the name of a small Scottish island, Ailsa Craig, the settlement flourished as the centre for the fertile surrounding region. In 1870, it had a population of 500 and contained hotels, stores, mills and several other small industries. By this time, Ailsa Craig had become the site of the largest cattle market west of London. By a Provincial Act of December 21, 1874, the community became an incorporated village and the first council met on January 19, 1875.


At the community centre, Highway 7 and Jameson Street, Ailsa Craig

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Middlesex

Municipality: Municipality of North Middlesex