Alexander Cameron Rutherford 1857-1941

The first premier of Alberta, Rutherford was born in Osgoode Township of Scottish parents and educated at McGill University. In 1895, after practicing law in Ottawa and Kemptville, he moved to Strathcona, near Edmonton. Elected to the territorial assembly seven years later, Rutherford achieved prominence as deputy speaker of the legislature. When the province of Alberta was created in 1905, he became premier, provincial treasurer and minister of education in the first government. Rutherford skillfully established the province's administrative, judicial and educational framework, but prolonged debate regarding a controversial railway policy precipitated his resignation as premier in 1910. Although retired from politics after 1913, he retained an active interest in educational matters, serving as chancellor of the University of Alberta from 1927 until his death.


On the grounds of the Osgoode Township Museum, Highway 31, Vernon

Region: Ottawa

County/District: City of Ottawa (District)

Municipality: City of Ottawa