Almanda Walker-Marchand and the Fédération des Femmes Canadiennes-Françaises

Almanda Walker-Marchand was the founder and president of the Fédération des femmes canadiennes-françaises (FFCF). Born in Quebec City in 1868, she moved with her family first to Montreal and then to Ottawa. Her last home overlooked this park. In 1914, days after the declaration of the First World War, Walker-Marchand encouraged a group of more than 400 French-Canadian women to form an organization dedicated to helping French-Canadian soldiers and their families both during and after the war. From 1918-45 they contributed to the relief of poverty, advancement of health and education and the promotion of francophone culture. During Walker-Marchand's 32 years as its president, the FFCF expanded beyond Ottawa to form many chapters in francophone communities across Canada. In 1943, Walker-Marchand was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire. She died in 1949, but the group continued and evolved to champion the political, social and economic rights of francophone women throughout Canada. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014, it is known today as the Alliance des femmes de la francophonie canadienne.


By the walkway, at the central, east entrance to Strathcona Park in Ottawa (across from 50 Ridge Road).

Region: Ottawa

County/District: City of Ottawa (District)

Municipality: City of Ottawa