Aqua-Plano Indians of the Upper Great Lakes, The

In 1950, archaeological investigations in this area uncovered a site which had been used as a workshop camp by a group of the earliest known people in this part of the Upper Great Lakes basin. Called Aqua-Plano Indians because they migrated from the western plains to fossil beaches of glacial and post-glacial lakes in this region, they appeared about 9,000 years ago following the retreat of the glaciers and the northward movement of plants and animals. They developed a distinctive tradition based primarily on large game hunting, using weapons and specialized tools made of taconite, a stone that was obtained locally. Their way of life, which was closely related to the environment, disappeared as the climate grew warmer.


At Boegh Park, a picnic area on Highway 587 near Pass Lake - about 32 km east of Thunder Bay

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Thunder Bay

Municipality: Township of Shuniah