Aurora Armoury

Built in 1874 as a drill shed for the 12th Battalion of Infantry or York Rangers, the Aurora Armoury was part of a network of defence training facilities for citizen soldiers. It evokes the larger stories and traditions of the province's militia regiments, recruited regionally, and possessing close affiliations with their communities of origin. The armoury was also the site of Edward Blake's famous "Aurora speech" of 1874, in which the prominent politician and former Ontario premier called upon the federal government of Liberal Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie to implement nationalistic and electoral reforms. The speech exemplifies how drill halls and armouries fulfil civic roles in the lives of their communities. This purpose-built armoury is one of the oldest in Ontario.


At the Aurora Armoury, 138 Larmont Street (at Mosely Street), Aurora.

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: Regional Municipality of York

Municipality: Town of Aurora