At a bend in the Credit River, just east of here, a mill site was developed in 1826. William and Robert Barber purchased the property in 1844 and constructed the Toronto Woollen Mills, one of the largest textile mills in Canada West (Ontario). Known as Barberton, the complex grew to some forty buildings, including a dye house, a general store, sawmill and smithy. Ownership passed from the Barber family in 1882. Early in the First World War, the four-storey stone mill was converted to flour production. Other remnants of Barberton are William Barber's home across the street and workers' cottages on the other side of the river.


In Barberton Park, Barbertown Road, east off Mississauga Road north of Eglinton Avenue, Mississauga

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: Regional Municipality of Peel

Municipality: City of Mississauga