Bedford Mills

In 1831 Benjamin Tett (1798-1878), later an important merchant at Newboro, anticipating the completion of the Rideau Canal, acquired a sawmill here on Buttermilk Falls. Tett and various partners, including the prominent Chaffey brothers, extensively exploited local forests and through the Canal sent timber, lumber, and cord-wood to American and St. Lawrence River market centres. Active trade and settlement of the district led him to build a store and, in 1848, construct the stone grist-mill here. After 1872 the operations, including a shingle and planing-mill and canal shipping, were continued by John Poole Tett and Benjamin Tett Jr. Depleted forests and the availability of western flour and feed seriously affected the mills and the total population declined. In 1916 the grist-mill ceased operation.


On the grounds of St. Stephen's Anglican Church, just off County Road 10, Bedford Mills - about 48 km north of Kingston

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Frontenac

Municipality: Township of South Frontenac