Bellevue 1816

This house, one of the finest remaining examples of domestic Georgian architecture in Ontario, was commenced in 1816 and completed about 1819 by Robert Reynolds, the commissary to the garrison at Fort Malden. "Bellevue" was also the home of his sister, Catherine Reynolds, an accomplished landscape painter, who was among the earliest known artists in Upper Canada. Working in pencil, crayon, sepia wash and water colours, she recorded scenes along the Detroit River and Lake Erie, which provide an invaluable record of early nineteenth century life in this region. About thirty of her works are extant, some of which are preserved in local museums.


Near the house, 525 Dalhousie Street South and County Road 18, at the southern approach to Amherstburg

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: Town of Amherstburg