Capture of the "Anne" 1838, The

On January 9, 1838, a force of Canadians and Americans sympathizing with Mackenzie's Rebellion, sailed from United States territory and landed on Bois Blanc Island. The schooner "Anne", supporting the invasion, cruised along the Canadian mainland firing on structures near Fort Malden. Defending militia under Col. T. Radcliff returned the fire, disabling the helmsman and damaging the rigging. The "Anne" grounded on Elliott's Point and those aboard were captured. Their leader, Dr. E.A. Theller, an Amercian citizen of Irish birth, was later imprisoned in the Quebec Citadel but made a successful escape.


At the Bob-Lo Island parking lot, Elliott's Point, south of Amherstburg on County Road 18

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: Town of Amherstburg