Capture of the "Tigress" and "Scorpion," The

Some 25 miles southwest of here lies the Detour Passage between Drummond Island and Michigan's upper peninsula. In August 1814, it was occupied by the armed U.S. schooners "Tigress" and "Scorpion", whose intention was to prevent supplies reaching the British garrison at Michilimackinac. On September 1 a British force of seamen, soldiers and Indians under Lieuts. Miller Worsley, R.N., and Andrew Bulger left Michilimackinac in small boats to attack the enemy. The "Tigress" was boarded on September 3 under cover of darkness. Two days later the "Scorpion" came to anchor nearby and, unaware of her sister ship's capture, allowed her to come alongside. Taken by surprise, the "Scorpion" was captured after a sharp fight.


In Lakeside Park, Highway 17B and Stanley Street, Thessalon

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Algoma

Municipality: Town of Thessalon