Champlain's War Party 1615

In September, 1615, a small party of Frenchmen commanded by Samuel de Champlain, and some five hundred Huron Indians, passed down the Trent River on their way to attack the Iroquois who lived in what is now northern New York State. Joined by a band of Algonkians, they skirted the eastern end of Lake Ontario and journeyed southward to a palisaded Onondaga village near the present site of Syracuse, N.Y. Champlain was wounded, the attack repulsed, and the discomfited allies returned to the Huronia. This expedition increased the hostility of the Five Nations towards the French and their Indian supporters, which culminated in the defeat and dispersal of the Hurons, 1649-50.


In Bayshore Park, Albert Street, opposite the Legion Hall, Trenton

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Hastings

Municipality: City of Quinte West