Christ Church 1838

This handsome stone church, in the style of the early Gothic revival, was built by A. Thomas Christie on land donated by John Cavanagh, one of Huntley township's earliest landholders. Aided by a substantial contribution from Colonel Arthur Lloyd, a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars who had settled in neighbouring March township, the building was completed in 1838. The earliest Anglican settlers were served by missionaries posted in Hull and subsequently in March. The union of the Huntley and March parishes continued until the appointment of the Reverend James Godrey as Rector of Huntley in 1853. Although the interior has been extensively altered, the building stands as a memorial to the original Anglican settlers.


On the grounds of the church, Carp Road and McGee Side Road, about 5 km from Carp

Region: Ottawa

County/District: City of Ottawa (District)

Municipality: City of Ottawa