Colonel Anthony Van Egmond 1778-1838

A native of Holland and veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, Van Egmond settled in this region in 1828. Under the general supervision of Dr. William "Tiger" Dunlop, he constructed the newly surveyed Huron Road for the Canada Company. A large landowner in the Huron Tract, Van Egmond became strongly dissatisfied with the Company's policies and in 1835 stood, unsuccessfully, as a Reform candidate for election to the provincial legislature. A supporter of William Lyon Mckenzie, he commanded the rebel force during the skirmish at Montgomery's Tavern, Dec. 7, 1837, and was imprisoned in Toronto following its defeat. The following month, he died while awaiting trial and is buried in Egmondville.


At the entrance to the Egmondville Cemetery, where his grave is located, Bayfield and Church streets, Egmondville

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Huron

Municipality: Municipality of Huron East