Dalhousie Library, The

In 1828, eight years after the original settlement of this area, the St Andrew's Philanthropic Society founded the first public library within the old Bathurst District. A log building, known as St Andrew's Hall, housed the library for many years. The Earl of Dalhousie, Governor-in-Chief of Canada (1820-28), subscribed money for its support and donated a number of books. Thomas Scott, a pioneer settler, was the first president, and among the distinguished citizens who subscribed were the Right Reverend Charles Stewart, Anglican Bishop of Quebec, and Archdeacon John Strachan, later first Anglican Bishop of Toronto. The library was incorporated in 1852 and a number of the original books are in the present community hall.


On the grounds of the community hall where the local library is now housed, just off County Road 8, Watsons Corners - west of Lanark

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Lanark

Municipality: Township of Lanark Highlands