Daniel Knechtel 1843-1936

Born in Waterloo County, Daniel Knechtel came to Hanover in 1864. Two years later, he began producing handcrafted furniture and, in 1874, opened a factory on this site. By using local timber resources and applying the latest techniques in furniture manufacturing, Knechtel built a successful business. Under his direction, subsidiaries were established in Southampton and Walkerton, and markets expanded into the Canadian West. A fire destroyed Knechtel's factory in 1900, but another was built the following year and operated until 1983. Active in the community, Knechtel made substantial donations for a hospital, library and Baptist church, and served as first reeve and mayor of Hanover (1909-1911).


At Hanover Heritage Square, the former site of the Knechtel furniture factory, at 10th Street and 10th Avenue, Hanover

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Grey

Municipality: Town of Hanover