District Court House and Jail

In 1838, the District of Colborne was established and Peterborough selected as the "district town." In June of that year, the district magistrates, with the Hon. Thomas Stewart presiding, authorized the construction of a court house and jail. Joseph Scobell's plans for the building were accepted and the foundation stone was laid by Sir George Arthur, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, on August 25, 1838. At a cost of over £7,000, the court house was completed in 1840 and the jail in 1842 with stone quarried from Jackson's Park, adding to the community structures of notable size and design.


At the Peterborough County Court House, overlooking Victoria Park between Brock and Murray streets, Peterborough

Region: Central Ontario

County/District: County of Peterborough

Municipality: City of Peterborough