Dr. Augusta Stowe Gullen 1857-1943

Canada's first woman graduate in medicine was born in Mount Pleasant. She attended the Toronto School of Medicine, received her degree from Victoria University in 1883, and was licensed to practise. Her mother, Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, had graduated in New York State in 1868, and after a prolonged struggle for recognition had been licenced to practise medicine in 1880, thus becoming Canada's first woman doctor. Both were ardent feminists, and devoted themselves to the advancement of women in education and public life. Dr. Emily Stowe organized the Canadian movement for female suffrage, and under her daughter's leadership, women in Ontario received the franchise in 1917.


On the grounds of the public school on Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Pleasant

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Brant (District)

Municipality: County of Brant