Dr. Charles Duncombe 1791-1867

This house was built in 1848 by Dr. Elijah Duncombe, brother of Dr. Charles Duncombe. The latter, born in Connecticut, came to Upper Canada in 1819 and settled on this property shortly thereafter. In 1824, with Dr. John Rolph, he opened at St. Thomas the province's first medical school, named "The Talbot Dispensatory" in honour of Col. Thomas Talbot. Charles Duncombe later moved to Burford Township and in 1830, was elected to the legislature as a Reform member for Oxford. An ardent supporter of William Lyon Mackenzie, he raised an insurgent force during the Rebellion of 1837, which was dispersed by loyal militia. Duncombe then fled to the United States where he remained until his death.


At the Elgin County Pioneer Museum, 32 Talbot Street, St. Thomas

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Elgin

Municipality: City of St. Thomas