Dundas Mills

By 1799, the Morden family had a sawmill near this site on Spencer Creek north of Dundas Street. They sold this property in 1800 to Edward Peer, who built a grist-mill about 300 yards southeast, close to Dundas Street, and adopted the name "Dundas Mills." Peer sold the property in 1804 to Richard and Samuel Hatt and a partner, but by 1807 Richard had become sole owner. Then, or slightly earlier, Richard Hatt built northwest of Peer's grist-mill the tall stone flour mill that stood near this site until 1968. The other mills were destroyed long before. The community of "Dundas Mills" became part of the town of Dundas in 1847.


On the grounds of the House of Providence, Governor's Road and Ogilvie Street near the site of the former mills, Dundas

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: City of Hamilton (District)

Municipality: City of Hamilton