Eildon Hall

One of the oldest structures in the area, this interesting house was the first Canadian residence of Susan Mein Sibbald (1783-1866), a gentlewoman pioneer whose memoirs were published posthumously in 1926. The building was erected in stages and revealed much about the changing needs and aspirations of its various owners. Initially a small Regency style cottage, it was begun in 1830 by William Kingdom Rains, an early settler, and acquired around 1835 by Susan Sibbald. Named Eildon Hall after her family home in Scotland, it was expanded and transformed into an extensive rural manor. The estate remained in the Sibbald family until 1952. Renovated and reduced in size since then, Eildon Hall is open to the public as the Sibbald Memorial Museum.


On the grounds of the hall, now a museum, Sibbald Point Provincial Park, northeast of Sutton

Region: Greater Toronto Area

County/District: Regional Municipality of York

Municipality: Sibbald Point Provincial Park