First Amish Settlement, The

In 1822, Christian Nafziger, an Amish Mennonite from Munich, Germany, came to Upper Canada to find land on which to settle some 70 German families. With the assistance of a group of Mennonites headed by Jacob Erb, who had settled nearby, a petition was made to the government for land here in present-day Wilmot Township. Surveyed two years later by John Goessman, this "German Block" was peopled primarily by Amish from Europe. In 1824-25, Bishop John Stoltzfus of Pennsylvania organized the first congregation and ordained as ministers John Brenneman and Joseph Goldschmidt. Services were held in the homes of members until 1884 when a simple frame meeting house, which served until 1946, was erected near this site.


At Steinman Mennonite Church, near the site of the Amish settlers' first meeting house, Regional Road 6, just west of Baden

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: Regional Municipality of Waterloo

Municipality: Township of Wilmot