Founding of Almonte, The

The sawmill and grist-mill completed here on the Mississippi River in 1823 by Daniel Shipman provided the nucleus around which a community known as Shipman's Mills had developed by 1824. About 1850, two town plots were laid out here - "Victoria" by Edward Mitcheson and "Ramsayville" by Daniel Shipman. They were combined in 1853 as "Waterford," which in 1855 was renamed "Almonte," probably after Juan N. Almonte, a famous Mexican general and diplomat. The opening of several woollen mills and the completion of a railway to Brockville fostered the growth of Almonte that, by 1870, was one of Ontario's leading woollen cloth manufacturing centres. Incorporated as a village in 1871 with a population of about 2,000, Almonte was proclaimed a town in 1880.


At the town hall, 14 Bridge Street, Almonte

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: County of Lanark

Municipality: Town of Mississippi Mills