Founding of Belle River, The

The settlement of this area began following the survey in 1793 of the lots fronting on the Belle River, among the early settlers were many French Canadians from the vicinity of the Detroit River. When the Great Western Railway was constructed, 1852-53, a station name Belle River was opened here. By 1855 a steam grist-mill and sawmill had been erected by Luc Ouellette and others, and a community known as Rochester soon developed. It was supported by a brisk lumber trade but attracted few other industries and in 1866 had only 300 inhabitants. On November 26, 1874, the community, now comprising over 750 persons, was incorporated as the village of Belle River and on January 1, 1969, it became a town.


In Memorial Park, South Street, Belle River

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: Town of Lakeshore