Founding of Blyth, The

By 1851, Lucius McConnell and Kenneth McBain, two of the earliest settlers in the area, had located here in Morris Township. Four years later, Donald McDonald laid out a village plot on the border between Wawanosh and Morris townships and, in July 1856, a post office was established. The village developed slowly but within two years contained a sawmill owned by McBain, a Presbyterian church, a tavern, and store. Originally known as Drummond after an enterprising early family, the village, a market town for the surrounding agricultural region, was renamed Blyth after an absentee landowner. In January 1876, a station on the London, Huron and Bruce Railway was opened and, a year later, the village was incorporated with a population of about 800.


In front of the memorial hall, 147 Queen Street North, Blyth

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Huron

Municipality: Township of North Huron