Founding of Bothwell, The

In 1851 George Brown, founder of the Toronto Globe and one of Canada's Fathers of Confederation, purchased about 4,000 acres in this vicinity. The Great Western Railway ran through his property in 1855 and that year a station and a post office were opened. He had the town plot of Bothwell surveyed and by 1857 Brown and others had established several industries. The new community prospered until affected by the general depression of 1857-58 but revived by 1861 when a local oil boom developed. Brown was thus able to sell his holdings in 1865-66 for well over $250,000. Bothwell became a town in 1866 with some 3,500 inhabitants. By 1868, however, the oil industry had faltered and only in recent years has the community resumed its growth.


On the grounds of the town hall, 320 Main Street, Bothwell

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: Municipality of Chatham-Kent (District)

Municipality: Municipality of Chatham-Kent