Founding of Bracebridge, The

In 1862, the Muskoka Road, a colonization route built to open this region for settlement, was completed to the first falls on the north branch of the Muskoka River. A settlement, including a tavern, a lumber mill and a store, soon developed and two years later a post office named Bracebridge was opened. When regular steamship service began on Lake Muskoka in 1866, Bracebridge became the northern terminus and prospered as the distribution centre for the region. A court-house and a registry office for the district were built and by 1871, the village contained four large hotels, several mills and numerous stores. A developing tourist trade further encouraged the growth of the community and, in 1875, Bracebridge was incorporated as a village with over 750 inhabitants.


In Memorial Park, bordered by Manitoba, Kimberly and Parklane streets, Bracebridge

Region: Central Ontario

County/District: District Municipality of Muskoka

Municipality: Town of Bracebridge