Founding of Chippawa, The

In 1792-94 a village grew up near Fort Chippawa on Chippawa Creek at the end of the new portage road from Queenston. In 1793 the creek was renamed the Welland River, but the village, where a post office was opened before 1801, remained "Chippawa". It was largely destroyed 1813-14 when British and American forces fought for control of the Welland River. Portage traffic revived after the war and continued until Chippawa became an outlet for the original Welland Canal from 1829 to 1833. A horse-powered railway, the first in Upper Canada, was built to Niagara Falls in 1837-39. Chippawa was incorporated as a village in 1849, and in 1970 became part of the City of Niagara Falls.


In Cummington Square, near the former town hall, Chippawa

Region: Niagara Falls and Region

County/District: Regional Municipality of Niagara

Municipality: City of Niagara Falls