Founding of Harriston, The

In 1854, Archibald Harrison (1818-77), a Toronto-area farmer, acquired land here in Minto Township where the Elora and Saugeen Road crossed the Maitland River. Mills built by Harrison's brothers, Joshua and George, formed a nucleus of a small settlement and, in 1856, a small post office, Harriston, was established. The hamlet grew slowly but, from 1862, agricultural development stimulated local trade. By about 1867, with a population of about 150, the village contained many businesses, including blacksmith shops and wagonworks. The construction of the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway, completed to Harriston in 1871, spurred the community's growth as a prosperous commercial and farm-implement manufacturing centre. Harriston was incorporated as a village with about 500 inhabitants in 1872, and as a town in 1878.


In the park adjacent to the town hall, 68 Elora Street, Harriston

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Wellington

Municipality: Town of Minto