Founding of Leamington, The

Parts of Mersea Township were surveyed in the 1790s, but it was not until 1833 that Alexander Wilkinson, who had acquired land elsewhere in the township by 1810, obtained his patent for a lot now located in the heart of Leamington. A settlement known as Wilkinson's Corners developed and on June 1, 1854, a post office called Leamington was opened. A saw and grist-mill was in operation the following year. By 1860 the community comprised 75 persons and stagecoach communication with Windsor was established. Leamington, with over 750 inhabitant, was incorporated as a village by an Essex County by-law of November 26, 1874. The first election, however, was not held until December 27, 1875 and the first village council took office on January 1, 1876.


At the Mersea Municipal Building, 38 Erie Street North, Leamington

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: Municipality of Leamington