Founding of Lyndhurst, The

Development of this community began after the construction of the province's first successful iron smelter and a sawmill in 1801. On the west bank of the river, a grist-mill was built in 1827 and a village plot laid out by Charles and Jonas Jones of Brockville. Originally called "Furnace Falls," this community was renamed Lyndhurst by 1846. Here, a post office was opened in 1851. During the next twenty years, other small industries were started and, in 1868, John Roddick and Henry Green purchased the Jones property. This fine stone bridge was designed by Roddick, whose mills, and those of Green, remained for many years the principal industries of the community.


At the stone bridge, Charles Street, Lyndhurst

Region: Eastern Ontario

County/District: United Counties of Leeds and Grenville

Municipality: Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands