Founding of Meaford, The

In 1837, inhabitants of St. Vincent Township petitioned the government requesting that land at the mouth of the Bighead River be reserved as a landing place. The land was set aside, a town plot of "Meaford" laid out in 1845, and lots subsequently offered for sale. As early as 1841, a sawmill and a grist-mill had been built on adjoining land, several roads constructed to the landing and a post office called "St. Vincent" established. In 1865, this post office was renamed "Meaford," which by that time had become a flourishing community, connected by steamer and road with the railhead at Collingwood. Meaford was incorporated as a town in 1874.


On Sykes Street, west of the town hall, Meaford

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Grey

Municipality: Municipality of Meaford