Founding of Midland, The

In 1871, a group of the principal shareholders of the Midland Railway, headed by Adolph Hugel, selected this location as the northern terminus of their line which then ran from Port Hope to Beaverton. Known at the time as Mundy's Bay, the region was sparsely inhabited, but the interest aroused by their action resulted in the survey of a town site in 1872-73. Most of the lots were owned by the Midland Land Company which was controlled by the railway. The line, which soon attracted settlers to the area, was completed in 1879. The new community, named Midland, achieved its early growth through shipping and the lumber and grain trades.


On the grounds of the public library, 320 King Street, Midland

Region: Central Ontario

County/District: County of Simcoe

Municipality: Town of Midland