Founding of Simcoe, The

Lieutenant-Governor Simcoe's visit to this locality in 1795 led to a grant to Aaron Culver, one of the districts earliest settlers, on condition of building mills. By 1812, a hamlet had formed near these mills, but they were burnt and adjacent houses looted by U.S. troops in 1814. In 1819-23, Culver laid out a village that he named "Simcoe," and a post office with this name was opened in 1829. Streets were surveyed in 1835-36, a courthouse and gaol built, and Simcoe was made the seat of the new Talbot District in 1837. Incorporated in 1849, Simcoe, with a population of about 1,600, became the county town of Norfolk County in 1850.


In Lynnwood Park, Norfolk Street North or Highway 24, Simcoe

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Norfolk (District)

Municipality: County of Norfolk