Founding of St. Marys, The

When opening Blanshard Township for settlement in 1839, the Canada Company made an arrangement with Thomas Ingersoll, a brother of Laura Secord, to build mills at "the Little Falls" of the Thames. In 1841-43, he erected a sawmill and a grist-mill and, in return, obtained 337 acres of land in this vicinity. The mills formed the nucleus of a settlement named St. Marys. In 1854, the community was incorporated as a village. The building of railways, 1857-60, stimulated development and, in 1864, when St. Marys became a town, it was already the centre for lumber and limestone quarry industries and the adjacent prosperous agricultural region.


At the town hall, 175 Queen Street East, St. Marys

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Perth

Municipality: Town of St. Marys