Founding of Sudbury, The

The establishment of a Canadian Pacific Railway work camp here in 1883 stimulated the growth of a frontier community. Within a year a bustling settlement containing boarding houses, stores and a hospital had emerged. Though it suffered a temporary set back in 1885 when track-laying crews moved westward, Sudbury quickly revived. Located in a region rich in timber and mineral resources, it developed as a service centre for logging and mining operations. In 1892, with 1, 500 residents including a large number of French Canadians, Sudbury was incorporated as a town. A sharp increase in the demand for nickel after 1900 and extension of railway services precipitated rapid expansion and in 1930 Sudbury, a thriving multi-ethnic community, became a city.


In Civic Square, Brady Street, Sudbury

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: City of Greater Sudbury (District)

Municipality: City of Greater Sudbury