Founding of Wingham, The

In the early 1850s, settlers began moving into the townships in the Queen's Bush north of the Huron Tract. One of these townships, Turnberry, was surveyed by 1853 and a plot for a market town designated where two branches of the Maitland River met. Among the earliest settlers on the plot was John Cornyn who was operating a hotel here in 1861. A year later, a post-office named Wingham was established and, by 1866, Wingham had become a prominent supply and distributing centre for the agricultural and lumbering hinterland. In the 1870s, railway expansion stimulated tremendous growth and led to Wingham's incorporation as a village in 1874 with a population of 700. Five years later, its population numbering 2,000, Wingham was incorporated as a town.


At the Wingham Museum, 273 Josephine Street, Wingham

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Huron

Municipality: Township of North Huron