Froome and Field Talfourd

Froome (1807-1902) and Field (1815-74) Talfourd emigrated from England in 1832, and in the following year took up adjoining lots here in Moore Township. Froome had previously served in H.M.S. Ariadne under Captain Frederick Marryat, the author. Field soon moved to the United States, then back to England, where he became an accomplished portraitist. Froome purchased his brother's lot and laid out the townplot of "Froomefield" on the combined property in 1836. He later became a magistrate, commissioner of the court of requests, and a lieutenant-colonel in the Kent militia. As "visiting superintendent" to the local Indian reserves, Froome lived in Sarnia from 1855 to 1868, when he returned to England.


At Froomefield Pioneer Cemetery, County Road 33 and Church Street, Sarnia

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Lambton

Municipality: City of Sarnia