Fryfogel's Inn

Erected about 1844-45, this building was situated on the Huron Road, a pioneer highway that opened up the Canada Company's Huron Tract. Its original owner, Sebastian Fryfogel, said to be the first settler in County of Perth, was operating a partially completed log inn on this property in December 1828. The inn became a favourite stopping place for travellers and persons settling in the Huron Tract. Fryfogel held various important municipal offices, became the first Warden of County of Perth in 1851, and died on June 10, 1873. His inn remains one of the few examples in this area of Upper Canadian neoclassic architecture.


At the inn, Highway 7/8, about 3 km east of Shakespeare

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Perth

Municipality: Township of Perth East