Geraldton Gold Camp, The

Discoveries of gold in the vicinity of Lake Kenogamisis in 1931-2 mushroomed into an extensive gold-mining field in this region. Prospector Tom Johnson, mining promoter Joseph Errington and geologist Percy Hopkins played important roles in its establishment. Geraldton was founded and grew into the principal community. Of the twelve mines operating at the field's peak of activity about 1940, Little Long Lac and MacLeod-Cockshutt are probably the best-known. By 1971, when all operating gold mines had closed, the camp had produced gold valued at more than one hundred and fifty-six million dollars. Geraldton's commercial and service industries, with pulpwood-cutting and logging operations in the region, have helped to offset the loss in mining.


On the southwest corner of 4th Avenue SW and Main Street, Geraldton

Region: Northern Ontario

County/District: District of Thunder Bay

Municipality: Municipality of Greenstone