Grand Portage, The

Circumventing 21 miles of falls and rapids, this portage ran some nine miles from this vicinity to a point upstream on the Pigeon River. It was first mentioned in 1722 by a French trader named Jean Pachot. Following its use in 1732 by La Vérendrye, it replaced the Kaministiquia Route as the canoe route to the West. About 1767 the Grand Portage became a rendezvous for Canadian fur traders and, after 1778, the North West Company's inland headquarters. By the Treaty of Paris, 1783, the Portage fell within American territory. In 1803, the Company moved its headquarters to Fort Kaministiquia (Fort William), and the Pigeon River route was then abandoned.


At the Grand Portage National Monument in Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA

Region: International

County/District: United States of America

Municipality: Minnesota