Honourable Alexander Grant 1734-1813, The

Alexander Grant, son of the seventh Laird of Glenmoriston, was born in Inverness- Shire, Scotland. During the Seven Years' War he served with the Montgomery's Highlanders, eventually commanding a sloop on Lake Champlain. In 1776, Grant became Commander of the Great Lakes. This appointment, reduced to Lakes Erie, Huron, and Michigan in 1778, he held until 1812. With an estate at Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Grant served on the Land Board of the District of Hesse from 1789 until 1794 and was appointed Lieutenant of Essex County in 1799. As a senior member of the Executive and Legislative Councils of Upper Canada, he became Administrator-President for a year upon the death of Lieutenant-Governor Hunter in 1805. Grant is buried in St. John's churchyard, Sandwich.


At St. John's Church where his grave is located, 3305 Sandwich Street, Windsor

Region: Southwestern Ontario

County/District: County of Essex

Municipality: City of Windsor